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Back to 4 Skills Course Outline

Lesson 1: Overview of 4 Skills

Lesson 2: How Frets Work, Fingering Notes

Lesson 3: Picking Simple Melodies and Scales

Lesson 4: Your First Chords

Lesson 5: Strumming Technique - Songs in C and G

Lesson 6: More Chords - Am, E, Em, B7

Lesson 7: Two More Strum Patterns

Lesson 8: Chord Summary - G, C, D, E, Em, B7

Lesson 6: Am and E Chords

Here a couple more quite easy-to-play chords combinations. Am - E, and Em - B7.

We'll use the song "Havana" to use as our play along song. The entire song uses only two chords and we'll play it in two different keys.

Introducing Am and E - "Havana"

Notice that these two chords use exactly the same fingering, except you just move the Am fingering over one string to play E. Try it.The diagram for Am suggests you can play it on just 4 strings. But you can also hit the 5th (A) string.

Use a simple 1-2-3-rest strum pattern.

Havana - Am - See music with chord changes

Introducing Em and B7 - "Havana"

Em is one of the most often played chords on the guitar, and one of the easiest to play.

When you're playing the B7 chord, don't play the low E string. Either play Fret 2 on the high E string, or don't play it at all.

Use a simple 1-2-3-rest strum pattern.

Havana - Em - See music with chord changes

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